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06. 28. 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 4

Get ready for an in-depth discussion about... donuts? Oh, and The Last of Us Part II, Space Force, The Wind Rises, why we game how we game, and the plights of collecting.

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06. 21. 2020

Episode 231: E3 Wannabe

From impressions of the many games of Clubhouse Games and the shadow-dropped Jump Rope Challenge to news from Pokemon Presents and EA Play Live to indie highlights, we cover the E3 that wasn't.

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06. 14. 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 3

Join our journey through the emotional range of animation with Anomalisa, Your Lie in April, Promare, and Disney’s evolution. Plus, our takes on Final Fantasy XIV and RTJ4.

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06. 07. 2020

Episode 230: Fantastic Fore

We share What The Golf? impressions, discuss the current state of Switch ports, examine the literal art of games, and weigh in on tiny hardware announcements like the Game Gear Micro.

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05. 31. 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 2

Trains, rockets, and... trolls? We share our takes on Snowpiercer, Trolls World Tour, and Scoob!, plus talk SpaceX's rocket launch, Justice League's upcoming Synder Cut, and more.

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05. 24. 2020

Episode 229: Something Old, Something New

We celebrate Pac-Man's 40th with Championship Edition 2 Plus, share impressions of Lonely Mountains: Downhill, talk Paper Mario: The Origami King and Pikmin, and more.

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05. 17. 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 1

Surprise! We're putting the "random" in Random Nintendo with a new show that covers everything we love beyond Nintendo, from other game platforms to movies to TV and more.

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05. 10. 2020

Episode 228: Full Throttle

Strap into the driver seat as we check in on car games Rocket League, Asphalt 9: Legends, and REKT. Plus, we discuss Switch's accelerating sales and the game industry re-finding its footing.

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04. 26. 2020

Episode 227: Fresh Out The Oven

We share impressions of the elusive Cooking Mama: Cookstar and updates galore with Super Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing, and more. Plus, Switch sales and Smash Bros. spinoff potential.

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04. 12. 2020

Episode 226: Work From Home

We experience the office hijinks of Good Job!, check in on our Animal Crossing islands, revisit Splatoon 2, and discuss how coronavirus is changing the game industry as we know it.

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03. 29. 2020

Episode 225: Island Getaway

Take a break from the chaos with our Animal Crossing: New Horizons impressions, favorite online games, and highlights from the Nintendo Direct Mini and Indie World presentations.

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03. 15. 2020

Episode 224: Back On Tour

We go hands-on with Mario Kart Tour's new multiplayer, eyes-on with Apple TV+'s game-inspired Mythic Quest, and share our takes on everything from LEGO Mario to E3's cancellation.

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03. 01. 2020

Episode 223: The Fast and the Furriest

We share our takes on Sonic, Dragon Quest: Your Story, and the future of game movies. Plus, the Animal Crossing Direct, the gaming impact of coronavirus, and more.

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02. 16. 2020

Episode 222: All Scrambled Up

We go hands-on with the upcoming Persona 5 Scramble, move into Pokemon Home, and discuss the changing faces of E3 and Nintendo's approach to IPs with The Wonderful 101.

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02. 02. 2020

Episode 221: Encore Performance

We share impressions of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, Bee Simulator, and Byleth in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Plus, we break down how Switch truly is the new Wii and what it means next.

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01. 19. 2020

Episode 220: DLC You Soon

Get the download lowdown with our takes on Byleth joining Smash Bros. and the latest Pokemon Direct. Plus, fresh Super Nintendo World news, EarthNight impressions, and more.

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01. 05. 2020

Episode 219: 2020 Visions

From Super Nintendo World to rumors of a Switch Pro to dream sequels, we cast our 2020 predictions. Plus, The Jackbox Party Pack 6 impressions, teases of a new Sonic game, and more.

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12. 22. 2019

Episode 218: Taking The Gold

'Tis the season for awards. We share our Game of the Year picks and discuss The Game Awards 2019, plus give Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games impressions and talk Indie World.

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