Meet Jason

     Switch: 7481-1119-1716     Miiverse: JasonR     3DS: 1633-4186-8817

A Nintendo fan since before I can remember, I have been fortunate enough to work with Nintendo over the years. Prior to the Random Nintendo Podcast, I ran a Nintendo website here at that featured daily content such as news, reviews, previews, and interviews. The site provided many great opportunities, including the ability to attend events such as the Wii’s unveiling at E3 2006.

In addition to running a Nintendo website, I was also an active member of the now defunct Forums (screen name: JSR). I was selected as a “Sage,” which meant that Nintendo recognized me as a big fan. Later on, I also became a user moderator who helped Nintendo keep the peace on the forums. During the heyday of the Forums, my game reviews were quoted on both’s homepage and in Nintendo Power magazine.

Favorite Games: Super Mario World, Star Fox 64, and Mario Kart DS

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