Meet Kevin

     Switch: SW-3623-7298-8014

I’ve been gaming since ‘93 and still playing strong! Okay, maybe not EXACTLY ‘93 since that’s the year I was born, but believe me, if I would have been able to, I absolutely would have been playing video games since birth. My first console was technically the NES, and I say technically, because I broke it the first day I got it. Oops. My second console was the SNES, so I’m glad my parents were cool enough to buy me another console and lead me down this crazy path. While my gaming past is rooted with Nintendo, I follow every aspect of the gaming industry and I also play on everything that I can e.g. PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

While video games are definitely my bread and butter, I recently developed two loves. The first one being board games. I love being around a table with my friends and rolling dice or drawing cards well into the night. I’m even in the middle of designing a board game, myself! The second love is building PCs. Whether they be gaming computers or workstations, I love putting all the pieces together and seeing that successful boot up screen. I honestly like building them for friends and family more than playing my own PC!

Favorite Games: 
Super Mario World
The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Tetris DS

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