Meet Angel

     Switch: SW-5494-4068-4606

Video games are as much of a hobby to me as they are a part of my life. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t excited about going home and playing whatever Nintendo console I had at the time. My gaming career began at age 5 with the Super Nintendo and Donkey Kong Country, and is currently going strong with both what Nintendo and Sony currently have to offer. I also enjoy video game music as much as the games themselves.

In addition to video games, one of my favorite hobbies is learning the ins and outs of game development, especially when it comes to character animation for games. Whatever time I have I use to further my knowledge of the tech and skills needed to make it in the industry. Whether collaborating with my Word of Mouth Indie Games team or independently, I will always be working on a new game of sorts!

Favorite Games:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Super Mario Galaxy 2
God of War (2018)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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