Meet Angel

     Switch: 5494-4068-4606     Miiverse: Weiro_O     3DS: 2707-1603-3539

Video games are as much of a hobby to me as they are a part of my life. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t excited about going home and playing whatever Nintendo console I had at the time. My gaming career began with the Super Nintendo at age 5 with Donkey Kong Country and since then I have made it a priority to keep up with every major console and game release from Nintendo. I also enjoy video game music as much as the games themselves.

In addition to video games, one my favorite hobbies is making animated films. I am mainly inspired by Nintendo-made games such as Rhythm Heaven. It can take me a while to finish a video, but this is because I will not start a project unless I have everything planned out almost perfectly, Plus, I won’t finish until it is as close to my original vision as possible. But trust me, they’re worth seeing!

Favorite Games: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Ace Attorney Series, Rhythm Heaven Series, Smash Bros. Series

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