Episode 178: The E3 2018 Preshow

On June 10, 2018 by Jason Rechtman, Angel Salado, and Kevin Gomez

The calm before the E3 storm isn’t so calm. From the reveals of Pokemon Let’s Go and Team Sonic Racing to new details on Mega Man 11 and confirmation of Paladans for Switch, we’ve got it all covered In this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast. Plus, we go hands-on with Mario Tennis Aces, examine what the oncoming free-to-play onslaught means for the future of the eShop, dream up our ideal Sonic The Hedgehog movie, and share impressions of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

This is just the beginning of our E3 coverage! Stay tuned for photo galleries, hands-on impressions of Super Smash Bros. Switch in our next episode, and more. To make you don’t miss any of it, be sure to follow us on Twitter @RandomNintendo, where we’ll also be kicking off six straight weeks of giveaways the week after E3. You can also subscribe to the podcast directly on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, or your podcasting app of choice.

As always, we’ve included links below for more information on the news and games discussed in this episode. Each link also lists a time stamp to easily find the segments that most interest you. Enjoy!



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