Episode 211: Off The Chain

On September 15, 2019 by Jason Rechtman and Jose Angel Salado

Be it the neon-soaked world of Astral Chain’s The Ark or the sheer onslaught of new game news, there’s a lot of coolness to be had in this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast. We share impressions of Astral Chain, Smash Bros. Ultimate’s new Banjo-Kazooie DLC, and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Plus, we weigh in on Ring Fit Adventure (see what we did there?) and break down the latest Nintendo Direct, from the growing value of Switch Online to the next wave of ports you need to play. 

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As always, we’ve included links below for more information on the news and games in this episode. Each link also lists a time stamp to easily find the segments that most interest you. Enjoy!



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