Episode 70: Clubbing with Mario

On May 18, 2014 by Jason and Jose

Episode 70: Clubbing with Mario

Given Nintendo’s current finances, it’s likely that many of the company’s top brass would rather hit the links like Mario does. So it’s only fitting that this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast pairs together analysis of Nintendo’s fiscal year-end performance with impressions of Mario Golf: World Tour. We begin with a full assessment of Nintendo’s past year in sales, then break down how the company plans to boost Wii U and 3DS sales going forward – from NFC figurines to the surprise announcement of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Our attention then turns to individual game news, including the reveal of Pokemon Art Academy, the ridiculousness of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, and the recent controversy surrounding Tomodachi Life, before concluding with our thoughts of Mario Golf’s 3DS debut.

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2 Responses to “Episode 70: Clubbing with Mario”

  • Nigel wrote on May 18, 2014 at 8:16 am:

    Great podcast guys! I’m super excited about Mario Golf! Just another Mario sports game I can beat Jose at!

    Also you guys should add a weekly deals segment for us gamers on a budget.

    • Jason
      Jason wrote on May 19, 2014 at 8:46 pm:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Nigel!

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