Episode 114: Gotta Go Fast

On December 29, 2015 by Jason Rechtman, Angel Salado, and Kevin Gomez

Episode 114: Gotta Go Fast

The one word that sums up this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast? Fast. Whether it’s the insane top speeds of Fast Racing Neo or the fact that 2015 came and went in the blink of the eye, there’s no slowing down this show. We first kick things off with our takes on the Super Smash Bros. Final Video Presentation, including hands-on impressions of Cloud and thoughts on Corrin and Bayonetta. We then turn our attention to other big news stories, including rumors of a new amiibo-centric game and surprise Pokemon hardware announcements. From there, we share impressions of Wii U racer Fast Racing Neo, before concluding the episode with our 2015 Game of the Year picks and two special giveaway announcements.

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2 Responses to “Episode 114: Gotta Go Fast”

  • Satoshi wrote on January 9, 2016 at 4:44 pm:

    Hey Jason and Angel!

    Wonderful show as always!! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into each and every show! Also appreciate all the giveaways and things you do in general for us Nintendo fans! The Internet isn’t always kind to Nintendo fans, but its nice to have a fair-approach to Nintendo news, so thanks so much!

    So I had a thought while listening to the podcast, while yes the end of Smash Bros. DLC and Splatoon DLC is a bit bitter-sweet, Smash in particular; it makes me excited for the future. I realized that the only reason they are ending support for both games early is because of the NX’s imminent launch and the need to move resources to the next development cycle. For example, all Nintendo’s past consoles typically run on a 5-year life cycle, the Wii U’s been out for 3, so its definitely a shortened life-span when we consider we don’t normally hear anything about the next console until year 4 and we’ve know about it for almost a year already. On top of that, add in this week’s news from analyst Junko Yamamrua of Nomura Securities that the NX could potentially be out by October, that Nintendo’s shoring up all parts of the Company to get ready for a huge push on the next console. (But let’s be honest, if it does release this year, it’ll be the last Friday before Thanksgiving in November, it always is.)

    All that said of course, this is Nintendo we’re talking about and they do have enough money in reserve that they could try and stretch the Wii U one more year with the promise of Zelda in November. Personally I don’t think its a good idea, but if any Company could do it, its definitely Nintendo.

    I’m still looking forward to Twilight Princess HD in March and whatever else Nintendo’s keeping in their back-pocket. E3 this year for them will either be amazing or a real dud, I guess only time will tell. Either way the best thing about Nintendo is the absolute unknown with them, it makes every announcement/Direct exciting. Oh and I’m excited to give Corrin a shot in Smash Bros. if nothing else, he doesn’t seem like he plays like the other Fire Emblem characters.

    Well thanks again for all you do! Can’t wait for the next show!

  • Jason Rechtman
    Jason Rechtman wrote on January 11, 2016 at 8:12 pm:

    That’s a really good point, Satoshi. If the NX is in fact coming out this year as people like Yamamura are predicting, Nintendo would definitely need to pull all their teams off ‘not critical’ projects like DLC to ensure there’s a healthy lineup of games for the new platform. It’s more evidence that suggests 2016 really could be the year of NX (funny enough, I made a bet in our latest episode on the same release weekend that you mentioned).

    I think you’re 100% right about this year’s E3, too. If Nintendo goes all out and shows the NX, it’ll be great. If they choose to focus on whatever bits and pieces they may have left for Wii U/3DS… Well, hopefully they don’t do that.

    Thanks as always for commenting and listening!

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