Episode 195: Nintendo Very Direct

On February 3, 2019 by Jason Rechtman, Angel Salado, and Kevin Gomez

Nintendo’s been busy. When they weren’t announcing the news and numbers of their post-holiday financials, they were delaying Metroid Prime 4. When they weren’t postponing Samus’ Switch debut, they were announcing the return of Dr. Mario. When the doctor wasn’t back in, Piranha Planet joined Smash. And when #PlantGang was taking shape, the company’s long-held blue ocean strategy was meeting its demise. In this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast, we cover all that and more with a deep dive into everything from Nintendo’s recent financial report and beyond.

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As always, we’ve included links below for more information on the news and games discussed in this episode. Each link also lists a time stamp to easily locate that particular segment. Enjoy!



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  • Kuma Baity wrote on February 4, 2019 at 3:54 pm:

    That is quite direct good read.

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