Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 1

On May 17, 2020 by Jason Rechtman, Angel Salado, and Kevin Gomez

A new podcast from the guys who bring you your favorite bi-weekly Nintendo podcast? Hosted by the new guy? Does this make us a podcasting network now? Yes, yup, and not sure ‘cuz I don’t make the business decisions around here. In the inaugural episode of Quarantine Chronicles we’ll briefly talk about why we created this “spin-off” podcast (hint: it’s in the title), what you can expect from this podcast, and what we hope this podcast might evolve into later down the line. Then we’ll get to the good stuff.

What’s the good stuff? Well, seeing as how all three of us live in LA County, and are under stay-at-home orders from the state, we’ve been consuming more (non-Nintendo) media and news than ever, so why not dedicate a show to it? We’re talking video games, movies, television, comics, anime, music, what have ya’. To make it even more chaotic, we’re going off the script and winging it for this podcast. Oh, how terrible this might be!

Let us know down what you think about the podcast, either in the comments or on our Twitter @RandomNintendo. Subscribe to our podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts,or whatever podcast app tickles your fancy. We’re even RandomNintendoCom on YouTube.

Finally, as with every episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast, every episode of Quarantine Chronicles will include timestamps whenever you want to skip segments. 


  • [0:06] Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Kevin’s GOTY Frontrunner 
  • [0:23] Harley Quinn Is Actually Great
  • [0:36] TV in the Quarantine Age: Reunions and Late Night
  • [0:57] The Tale of Princess Kaguya Is A Work Of Art
  • [01:04] What is Bumblebee Supposed To Be?
  • [01:25] The Killers Aren’t Trying 
  • [01:43] Silver Spoon Was The Anime Angel Was Talking About

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