Episode 58: Purrfect Platforming

On December 1, 2013 by Jason Rechtman and Jose Angel Salado

Episode 58: Purrfect Platforming

The Cat Mario is out of the bag and the biggest Wii U game of the year is upon us. In this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast, we share our impressions of Super Mario 3D World and discuss whether it is the one game that can save the Wii U. As always, we first start the show with news, including thoughts on the new 3DS Guide: Louvre app, the growing lineup of 2014, the changing face of third-party Wii U support, and Nintendo’s continued family-oriented marketing push. Plus, be sure to stick around until the very end of the episode for our impressions of Wii U eShop puzzle-platformer EDGE and the announcement of our eShop credit giveaway winner!

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We have included links below for more information on the news and games discussed in this episode. Each link also lists a time stamp, letting you know exactly where to find the segments that most interest you. Enjoy!



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  • Christopher Arnold wrote on December 1, 2013 at 7:25 am:

    I know I was the minority voting for Super Mario 3D World! I HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT!

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