Episode 92: Taste The Rainbow

On March 8, 2015 by Jason Rechtman and Jose Angel Salado

Episode 92: Taste The Rainbow

Between Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and a recent influx of eShop announcements, you could say Nintendo is on a roll in more ways than one. And in this episode of the Random Nintendo Podcast, we’re covering all of it. The show first begins with the big eShop news from the 2015 Game Developers Conference, including a discussion of the next wave of indie titles and our assessment of Nintendo’s progress in the indie scene as a whole. We then turn our attention to Nintendo’s own games with fresh details on Mario Party 10 and rumors of what’s next for Amiibo, plus our full impressions of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and the eShop’s Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut.

This episode also marks the beginning of a new podcast feature: the Random Nintendo Mailbag! You’ve heard us cover news and games, but now we want to address whatever burning Nintendo questions you may have. For our inaugural mailbag, we weigh in on how we think Nintendo could make an entirely new 3D Zelda game for 3DS. To hear us answer your question next, simply submit it via our contact form. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter @RandomNintendo and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you don’t miss the episode where we tackle your topic.

As always, we’ve included links below for more information on all the news and games discussed in this episode. Each link also lists a time stamp so you can easily find the segments that most interest you. Enjoy!



4 Responses to “Episode 92: Taste The Rainbow”

  • Satoshi wrote on March 9, 2015 at 4:34 pm:

    Hi Guys!

    Great show as always. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the podcast every other week.

    Oh and Jason, I totally understand your Wii U Nintendo customer service problems. As someone who has had to deal with them a lot I understand completely. My first (launch-day) Wii U had so many problems I had to send it in twice for repairs, which were never properly resolved either time, and on my third repair they sent me a refurbished unit that didn’t work properly either. I had an error code pop up that the customer service representative told me “was not in their system.” So I finally went out and bought a new retail unit, the Wind Waker bundle unit. And for the most part its worked without problems. Sometimes it loads on the GamePad and never onto the TV set, even if I’m just switching from main menu (Waru-Waru Plaza) into a game. So I completely understand your repair issues. Nintendo’s never attempted to compensate me for any of those problems either. Oh and I agree with you too the the cost of repairs is ridiculous, recently my regular Zelda edition 3DS XL had the R-button break off the top and to fix it would have cost $100, so I went and bought a brand-new 2DS for $89. I’m sorry, when you can buy new hardware for cheaper than getting it repaired, that’s just stupid.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant. I really like the idea of the new “mailbag” too. I don’t know if its a mailbag question and I don’t know if you’ve answered this before, I unfortunately have not been listening to the show for as long as I’d like, but what are both of your favorite genres of games and what is your favorite game of either this generation or all-time? (Sorry again if you’ve answered/mentioned this before.)

    I really enjoyed the GDC break-down segment too, its always nice to hear Nintendo treating the ‘little-guy” good. I’m really looking forward to Affordable Space Adventures.

    Thanks again for such a great show!

  • Jose Angel Salado
    Jose wrote on March 10, 2015 at 8:37 pm:

    Hey Satoshi!

    Aww man that sounds terrible. At least it your Wii U still works, mostly. Worst problem I had was dust under my 3DS screen that Nintendo fixed for free :/ Guess I have just been lucky. Well, my Wii did have a problem later in its life switching from any game to Brawl and back. Brawl was a dual layered game and the majority of others weren’t, so switching games took minutes upon minutes of ejecting, putting it back in and so on. Drove me nuts, but once it worked it played just fine until I decided to play something else, and that didn’t happen too often bc its Smash Bros! lol

    Haha, yeah, Nintendo seems to come across as the guardian angel of Indies lately. Nice seeing big companies care.

    Ooh! We definitely have answers for that! and I have a few ideas I will run through Old Man Jason of how we could answer that.

    Thanks again for listening and for your comments 🙂

  • Jason Rechtman
    Jason wrote on March 12, 2015 at 1:41 am:

    Thanks as always, Satoshi! Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with Nintendo’s customer service. My experience doesn’t sound nearly as bad by comparison. It’s kind of weird that Wii U and 3DS repairs cost the same price, too. You’d think the 3DS one would be cheaper…

    Like Jose said, that’s a great mailbag question and we’ll definitely be answering it soon!

    • Satoshi wrote on March 14, 2015 at 12:21 pm:

      Hi guys!

      I’m sorry for the ridiculously delayed response. Jose I’m glad that the only hardware problem you’ve had was easily and freely repairable. For the amount of money we all pay out for hardware, it is nice when companies stand behind their products better. Oh and I had late-life problems with my Wii too, but I was always kind of okay with that, ultimately give the HUGE number of hours that was typically logged on the console.

      Jason, yes, that’s totally weird that consoles and handhelds cost the same to repair. And your issue was just as bad, I mean it was popping an error code for something you didn’t have attached, I really don’t understand that one.

      All Nintendo service-issues aside, it is really nice to see a big company helping out the much, much, smaller guys.

      Thanks again so much for the awesome podcast! You guys put a lot of work and effort into it and it really shows. Can’t wait for the next show!

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